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Thinking Java Part I

English | February 6, 2018 | ASIN: B079N62DF9 | 276 Pages | AZW3 | 1.24 MB

In 1983 a new programming language was to appear. This language, created by computer scientists at Sun Microsystems was a language specifically designed for the World Wide Web and the ubiquitious web viewer application, the browser. More impressive was the scope of the Java language. The saying “Write Once Run Everywhere” was the promise of this new programming language. We can see this today by looking at the number of devices that use Java as their programming language. The TIOBE Index for programming languages has placed its “popularity” in the number 1 positiion. Its new moniker is “Java IS what Java does.” 3,000,000 devices boast their use of Java.

This book is for those who wish to learn Java as their first programming language. Unlike any other book teaching a programming language, it does not require you to use a computer to learn the language. The book focuses on the key skill of learning any new language – being able to THINK in the language. For that reason it can be used as part of a CS1 course in JAVA.

As a book for the first programming course, CS1, in computer science, it can be used a the primary text or a supplemental text. As a primary text it deals with the number one cause that so many students find programming daunting – they don’t know how to think about programming. This book teaches them just that without interference of learning how to use a computer. Written by a teacher of computer science for over 20 years and industry experience that spans more than 40 years, this book not a common one for learning a computer programming language.