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Software Development Principles Using Java For Simple to Business Applications

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I would like to present a philosophy and process for software development using Java and converting an application to run in a Java-like / GUI (graphics user interface) environments. The methods discussed in section will present the foundation to understand the new process of software development. In section two, the additional part of software development is discussed in the linking of input and output to the GUI form and environment.
The philosophy I use is to explain ideas in a simple form. However, a complete discussion is given to allow a full understanding. The use of the simple form explanation allows a method to avoid the jargon and to make learning easier. The most important of this work is to read it in sections and sub-sections to get an initial understanding. Finally, please use the SQ3R (study, question, read, recite, and review) method and you will be able to apply the ideas presented in this work.
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Diana Kanecki


DIANA KANECKI is currently a doctoral learner in management and organizational behavior along with an MB

Currently, Ms. Kanecki is CEO of DKA Strategic Planning, Inc, a company that provides management services along with publications in business, technology, and philosophy. From 1993 to 2000, she’s been Associate Vice President and Chairperson of the Emergency Management and Planning Technical Engineering Activity for the Society for Computer Simulation of San Diego, California. Her company specializes in software development, consulting services and research / development licensing services. Since 1983, she has been working on Intelligent, Thinking Systems utilizing Neural Networks and natural biological architecture used in a computer simulation environment. Seven papers have been published on Intelligent, Thinking, Systems since 1992 ( Summer Computer Simulation conferences, Advanced Simulation Technology Conferences, and Emergency Management and Planning Conferences).
From 1989 to 1993, she was an active member, research specialist, a core laboratory manager in advanced computing, flow cytometry, and cell sorting to nine medical research projects involving T-Cells, Endothelial Cells, Platelets, CD4/CD8, and Human Chromosomes.
Ms. KANECKI’s interest includes Strategic Planning, Management, Emergency Management and Planning, Intelligent – Thinking – Systems, Sixth Generation Software Development, Cross Compiler and Dynamic Paging Systems, Universal Grammar and Semantic Processing, Real Time Fast Fourier Signal Processing, Fifth Generation Relational and Automatic Information Linkage Systems as KANECKI Prolog, Real Life Simulation Variation modeling.