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Clairvoyant Psychotherapy

Clairvoyant Psychotherapy

English | ISBN: 1492963046 | 2014 | 221 Pages | PDF | 1 MB

Clairvoyant Psychotherapy is a rare new work that succeeds in being groundbreaking in the field of psychotherapy while being both a professional and consumer book.

Susan Feinbloom’s approach begins by using traditional psychotherapy techniques to aid her client’s in probing the roots of their emotional difficulties.
This is her foundation. It’s what happens next that is groundbreaking. In addition
to being trained as a psychotherapist, Susan has spent the last thirty years honing her skills as a clairvoyant.

Her psychotherapy goes beyond intuition into the use of clairvoyance – clear seeing – exploring energetic patterns and movements as they apply to and elucidate emotional states. Ancient wisdoms, the energetic anatomy, the chakras – information that has been deeply buried in the subconscious is explored as it reveals prior wounding,
programming and imprints. These all form the underlying limits that block the client’s access to their brilliance, talents and unique vision of their own lives.

The book progresses through a description of the meditation patterns, an in depth discussion of the psychological and spiritual aspects of the seven chakras and finally explores how these are woven within the sessions. There are transcripts of different therapy sessions to demonstrate this process.

Like shining a beacon in the dark, this book serves as an opening to the amazing
powers and mysteries of the mind and its ability to change our physical reality. We see how expanding our consciousness leads us to high functioning radiant wholeness and a more encompassing picture of who we truly are – a spirit incarnated in a physical body.