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Download: Infinite Series and Products (The Mathematics Series)

Download: Infinite Series and Products (The Mathematics Series)

English | April 8, 2017 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B06Y4Y6H49 | 141 Pages | PDF | 1.69 MB

This book is a complete and self contained presentation on the fundamentals of Infinite Series and Products and has been designed to be an excellent supplementary textbook for University and College students in all areas of Math, Physics and Engineering.
Infinite Series and Products is a branch of Applied Mathematics with an enormous range of applications in various areas of Applied Sciences and Engineering.
The Theory of Infinite Series and Products relies heavily on the Theory of Infinite Sequences and therefore the reader of this text is urged to refresh his/her background on Sequences and related topics.
In our e-book “Sequences of Real and Complex Numbers” the reader will find an excellent introduction to the subject that will help him/her to follow readily the matter developed in the current text.
The content of this book is divided into 11 chapters.
In Chapter 1 we introduce the �� and the �� notation which is widely used to denote infinite series and infinite products, respectively.
In Chapter 2 we present some basic, fundamental concepts and definitions pertaining to infinite series, such as convergent series, divergent series, the infinite geometric series, etc.
In Chapter 3 we introduce the extremely important concept of Telescoping Series and show how this concept is used in order to find the sum of an infinite series in closed form (when possible). In this chapter we also present a list of Telescoping Trigonometric Series, which arise often on various applications.
In Chapter 4 we develop some general Theorems on Infinite Series, for example deleting or inserting or grouping terms in a series, the Cauchy’s necessary and sufficient condition for convergence, the widely used necessary test for convergence, the Harmonic Series, etc.
In Chapter 5 we study the Convergence Test for Series with Positive Terms, i.e. the Comparison Test, the Limit Comparison Test, the D’ Alembert’s Test, the Cauchy’s n-th Root Test, the Raabe’s Test, the extremely important Cauchy’s Integral Test, the Cauchy’s Condensation Test etc.
In Chapter 6 we study the Alternating Series and the investigation of such series with the aid of the Leibnitz’s Theorem.
In Chapter 7 we introduce and investigate the Absolutely Convergent Series and the Conditionally Convergent Series, state some Theorems on Absolute and Conditional Convergence and define the Cauchy Product of two absolutely convergent series.
In Chapter 8 we give a brief review of Complex Numbers and Hyperbolic Functions, needed for the development of series from real to complex numbers. We define the Complex Numbers and their Algebraic Operations and give the three representations i.e. the Cartesian, the Polar and the Exponential representation of the Complex Numbers. The famous Euler’s Formulas and the important De Moivre’s Theorem are presented and various interesting applications are given. In this chapter we also define the so called Hyperbolic Functions of real and complex arguments.
In Chapter 9 we introduce the theory of Series with Complex Terms, define the convergence in the complex plane and present a few important Theorems which are particularly useful for the investigation of series with complex terms.
In Chapter 10 we define the Multiple Series and show how to treat simple cases of such series.
In Chapter 11 we present the fundamentals of the Infinite Products, give the necessary and sufficient condition for the convergence of Infinite Products and define the Absolute and Conditional Convergence of Products. In particular in this chapter we present the Euler’s product formula for the sine function and show how Euler used this product to solve the famous Basel problem.
The 63 illustrative examples and the 176 characteristic problems are designed to help students sharpen their analytical skills on the subject.




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