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Handbook of Nutrition and Pregnancy, Edition 2018

download Handbook of Nutrition and Pregnancy

download Handbook of Nutrition and Pregnancy, Second Edition by Carol J. Lammi-Keefe
English | PDF,EPUB | 2018 | 464 Pages | ISBN : 331990986X | 14.83 MB

​This easy to use text provides practitioners and researchers with a global view of current and emerging issues concerned with successful pregnancy outcomes and approaches that have been successful or show promise in ensuring a successful pregnancy. The fully updated and revised second edition expands its scope with topics not covered in the first edition including pregnancy and military service; sleep disorders during pregnancy; the gut microbiome during pregnancy and the newborn; requirement for vitamin D in pregnancy; the environment—contaminants and pregnancy; preeclampsia and new approaches to treatment; health disparities for whites, blacks, and teen pregnancies; depression in pregnancy—role of yoga; safe food handling for successful pregnancy outcome; relationship of epigenetics and diet in pregnancy; caffeine during pregnancy; polycystic ovary syndrome; US Hispanics and preterm births; celiac disease and pregnancy; cannabis use during pregnancy.The second edition of Handbook of Nutrition and Pregnancy will be a valuable resource for clinicians and other healthcare professionals who treat and counsel woman of child-bearing age and pregnant woman.