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Come Rain or Come Shine: Friendships Between Women

Come Rain or Come Shine: Friendships Between Women

English | October 19th, 2012 | ISBN: 1947833618 | 228 Pages | EPUB | 0.93 MB

As this compilation of stories teaches, friendship between women rarely happens automatically-that’s what makes it special. Sometimes the circumstances of life-like moving to a new city, or losing your job, or entering your child in school-create an opportunity. But the act of friendship is intentional.

Openness is a key ingredient even though recognition of a woman as a friend may require time. Friendship must often go through crisis or trial, some event that forges a bond and solidifies trust. The themes of difficulty and betrayal are woven into these stories, for the authors wisely know that friendship between women must be tested.

Sometimes it takes painful and disappointing experiences to begin to value ourselves as friends. Some of us need to learn that what we offer in friendship is rich and worth its weight in gold. We must learn discernment about when to offer it and when it must be withdrawn because the other is not able to appreciate the potential gift of friendship.

These short, compact stories are meant to be savored and reflected upon. They can be read slowly over lazy days or used as a morning reflection before running off to work. What they offer is a small but clear view of the female heart through the lens of friendship.