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[Series] Stories Usborne Phonics Readers (pdf+mp3)


[Series] Stories Usborne Phonics Readers (pdf+mp3)

download [Series] Stories Usborne Phonics Readers (pdf+mp3)

English | 12 PDF / 12 mp3 | 63.31 MB

Books are for learning to read phonetic method. Each book is accompanied by an audio file and a description of the words used in the book: what phonemes indicated by a single letter or combination of letters found in the word, the word, read by the rules and exceptions.

Books that you will find in the attached file:

1. Big pig on a dig
2. Fat cat on a mat
3. Fox on a box
4. Frog on a log
5. Goose on the loose
6. Hen’s pens
7. Ted in a red bed
8. Ted’s shed
9. Toad makes a road
10. Mouse moves house
11. Sam sheep can’t sleep
12. Shark in the park



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