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Download: Peter Eisenman: Feints

Download: Peter Eisenman: Feints

2006 | 208 Pages | ISBN: 887624378X | scanned PDF | 235 MB

Peter Eisenman emerged in the 1970s as one of the so-called New York Five in a group exhibition at MOMA on the theme of housing, a theme that was one of the first to be analysed in the uninterrupted sequence of research on the transformation of space. Since then he has continued to work on the broader themes of linguistics and any other discipline that might contribute to raising the potential of an architecture that is increasingly pursued by the media and compromised by changing technologies. Eisenman clarifies his own path in architecture as the expression of an idea that synthesises the cultural, philosophical, scientific and literary universe of our times. And this is the great lesson of an architecture calibrated and studied for over forty years, in constant evolution, the expressive and investigative freedom which is absolutely unique at a time of formal unease, whether through excess or insufficiency. This volume attempts to grasp Eisenmans investigation into the sense and meaning of space, of an architecture that is present even when formally absent. It features some of Eisemans more recent projects including the massive Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe of Berlin, City of Culture of Galicia, and the Guangdong Museum competition and includes essays on the diagram by Jeffrey Kipnis, Anthony Vidler and Peter Eisenman.