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Don’t Be Deceived By The French

 Don't Be Deceived By The French

Author:Ellie Malet Spradbery |Edition 2015 | 495 Pages | PDF|2.9 MB

A light-hearted, illustrated look at the French language, concentrating on the words and phrases that could trip up unwary students.

If a French person asks you for ‘assistance’ they are not asking for your help, but your attendance at an event. When they say ‘attendez’, they are not inviting you to a party, but are asking you to wait. Avoid an ‘entente glaciale’ by learning the difference between ‘heurter’ (to strike) and ‘blesser’ (to hurt).

This book contains over 200 of these deceptive words also known as ‘false friends’ and by reading it you can avoid being deceived by pitfalls in the French language.