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Articulatory Phonetics: Tools for Analyzing the World’s Languages, 4th Edition (2006)

Articulatory Phonetics: Tools for Analyzing the World's Languages, 4th Edition

This textbook is the fourth edition of the revision and expansion of A Manual for Articulatory Phonetics, compiled by Rick Floyd in 1986. It includes many other people’s materials from articulatory phonetics courses as taught for over sixty years in the training schools of SIL International. It also includes much information from sources outside of SIL.It is written in an informal, personal style and is a practical book for teachers and students alike. Most chapters begin with a statement of goals and conclude with a list of key concepts and exercises. Examples, tables, and explanatory figures are distributed liberally throughout. This book is oriented primarily towards native speakers of American English, particularly with reference to examples used to guide pronunciation of new sounds. However, most of the information included should be profitable to students regardless of their native language. The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is used for the phonetic transcription, but the equivalent Americanist symbols are also given in order to equip the student to use other linguists’ materials, regardless of which system they use to transcribe their data. Table of Contents Preface Sound IdentificationFace DiagramsFricativesStopsVowelsNasalsMore VowelsTrackingSibilantsUses of Pitch VariationStressNasalized VowelsLateralsLengthVoiceless VowelsAffricatesGlottal ConsonantsCentral ApproximantsReview Exercises and Tables (I)Palatal and Uvular ConsonantsSyllabic Consonants and PrenasalizationTransition and Release of ConsonantsSpeech StylesFronting and RetroflexionEjectivesFlaps and TrillsStates of the GlottisImplosivesBreathy Stops and AffricatesPharyngeal and Epiglottal ConsonantsSecondary ArticulationsConsonant Clusters, Vowel Clusters, and Vowel GlidesDouble ArticulationsTongue Root Placement and VowelsFortis and Lenis Consonants; Controlled and Ballistic SyllablesClicksPalatographyMiscellaneous Final DetailsReview Exercises and Tables (II) References Index of Languages Subject Index