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The History Of Atoms And Matter: Introduction To Modern And Quantum Physics (2021)

The History Of Atoms And Matter: Introduction To Modern And Quantum Physics

English | 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B09NS4W1W4 | 178 pages | EPUB | 2.97 Mb

The book highlights the origin and discoveries of atoms and matter. It has given a broader definition of matter and its relationship with atoms. The book has explained matter with regard;
in comparison with mass
Based on atoms
Based on neutrons, protons, and electrons
Based on quarks and leptons
Based on fermions(volume, mass and space)
Based on general relativity and cosmology
It has explained the model of an atom and acknowledged the scientists involved in this beautiful work of establishing the model of an atom from the past to the present days. Philosophers and Physicists include; Aristotle ,Democritus, Darton,JJ Thomson ,Ernest Rutherford ,Neil’s Bohr, Luis De Broglie ,Thomas young, Davisson ,Germer, Heisenberg ,Albert Einstein and Erwin Schrodinger. These revolutionized the world of physics from classical to quantum physics. They worked had to establish the true model of an atom from ;
Single particle model of Greek philosophers such as Democritus
Plum-pudding model embedded with electrons by JJ Thomson
Rutherford model -electrons rotating around the nucleus (centripetal force)
Neil’s Bohr model
De Broglie’s standing wave. Wave particle duality model
Heisenberg uncertainty principle of the particle’s momentum and position.
Schrodinger equation- description of a wave when affected by external force or energy.
Due to their involvement in the establishment of the atom’s model, the book has included their life history, work and activities associated with classical ,modern and quantum physics.

The book serves as a better introduction to modern and quantum physics ,more especially to those undertaking a first degree in physics as a major. It serves as a good introduction to modern and quantum physics. Major topics which introduces one to quantum mechanics have been given a deep detailed discussion. These topics include
Double slit experiment of light as a wave
Double slit experiment of particles or electrons
Wave particle duality
The uncertainty principle of Heisenberg
The diffraction experiment of Davisson and Germer
The photo-electric effect of Albert Einstein of the photon energy and frequency against work-function
Compton scattering by Compton in changing of a photon change in wave length
Quantum entanglement of particles in their superposition mode
Quantum Teleporting
Indeed this book is a one stoke shop, useful from High School to University level.