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Using Foucault’s Methods

Using Foucault's Methods

By: Gavin Kendall and Gary Wickham

`As a companion to Foucault′s original texts, carefully showing what he′s done and why – and how that could be applied elsewhere – it′s outstanding′ – www.theory.org.uk

`Very much a `hands-on′ tool kit of a book, scholarly but accessible…. a very useful textbook which approaches its subject in an original way′ – Sociological Research Online

`At last, a student-friendly guide that answers the question: “Yes, but how do you do Foucault?” Kendall and Wickham address the thorny question of how-to-Foucault in a clear, distinctive manner that stands out in the secondary literature on this important thinker′ – Toby Miller, New York University

This book provides a clear, straightforward guide to those who want to apply the work of Foucault to their own field of interest. The authors employ an accessible style to encourage readers to engage with Foucault′s work by tackling the issues that students most often raise.

The book is organized around the following themes: history, archaeology, genealogy and discourse as the cornerstones of Foucault′s methods; and science and culture as important objects of analysis for those using Foucault′s methods. The book enables the reader to understand how Foucault′s contribution to social thought can be applied and opens up possibilities for researchers to use Foucault rather than merely discuss him.