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How to make great Architecture: A process for human and cats (2021)

English | 2021 | ISBN: B097NYV3WY | 55 Pages | PDF | 13.66 MB

Hello dear reader!

This is a book written with a lot of passion so that anyone who reads and applies it can improve when designing architecture.

Starting from the premise that anyone can do architecture and with a correct process you can become a great architect.

This is a fully illustrated book so that each step is as simple and explanatory as possible

And at the same time so that the reader can reflect and see his greatest weakness when designing.

What was explained in this book was applied with university students so that it can be proven that the above was applicable to anyone who wants to improve their process with very positive results.

We could observe how students who were having great difficulties when proposing their ideas could quickly improve their architectural composition, in just one week!

That is why we want to give you this book so that you, dear reader, can be a great architect that you can improve your process and as a consequence, you can make a very beautiful architecture in a very fast and easy way.

So with great pride, we present this book’s topics:

What is architecture?
The architectural Process
The Information to collect when you start a new project
Before touching architectural floor plans
Schematic floor plans and composition rules

And many more

We hope that once you finish our book you will become a great architect