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Preparing to Teach in Secondary Schools

Preparing to Teach in Secondary Schools

“An excellent introduction to all of the core professional issues that trainee teachers need to address during their training‚Ķ a first port of call for all student teachers keen to understand the challenges involved in becoming a professional teacher in today’s schools.”
Professor John Furlong, Director, Department of Educational Studies, Oxford University, UK.

The new edition of this bestseller is the definitive guide for all trainee secondary school and newly qualified teachers. Using practical examples, it covers the range of core professional skills and concepts that all student teachers need to acquire, irrespective of their subject specialism or training route.

Updated and revised throughout to take into account recent developments in teaching, the second edition covers topics such as Every Child Matters, Special Educational Needs, and ICT in the classroom, making it suitable for use by newly qualified teachers to support their early professional development.

Informative, accessible and engaging, the book offers students:

Use of examples and illustrations to make abstract or unfamiliar ideas concrete and meaningful
An interactive approach whereby readers are invited to engage with the text and respond to it through a set of objectives, to be achieved by the end of the chapter
Thought-provoking research to alert readers to fresh thinking and initiatives, which are at the cutting-edge of developments in the field
Self-contained tasks to enable readers to complete them there and then