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Facing Lupus: A Guide for Patients and Their Families (2020)

2020 | ISBN: 1951166094, ASIN: B086FDBNTJ | 222 Pages | EPUB, PDF(conv) | 1 MB

Facing Lupus is for anyone whose life is affected by this diagnosis. Written by leading health care providers in their fields, Facing Lupus combines top-tier medical information and compassionate counsel on the management of lupus, with a caring and sensible approach to the medical and physical aspects of living with lupus and its complications. This book provides easily readable and trustworthy information; it is divided into ten chapters that ask and answer pertinent questions about lupus and its medical and psychiatric/psychological care. A glossary of terms provides important background information to readers (e.g., about nutrition, diet, exercise, risk-reduction); online resources and references are offered; and, words italicized in the text are defined in the glossary. Each of the chapters is accompanied by selected references, internet resources, illustrations, and photographs.