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Probability: With Applications and R – 2nd Edition

Probability: With Applications and R - 2nd Edition

Discover the latest edition of a practical introduction to the theory of probability, complete with R code samples

In the newly revised Second Edition of Probability: With Applications and R, distinguished researchers Drs. Robert Dobrow and Amy Wagaman deliver a thorough introduction to the foundations of probability theory. The book includes a host of chapter exercises, examples in R with included code, and well-explained solutions. With new and improved discussions on reproducibility for random numbers and how to set seeds in R, and organizational changes, the new edition will be of use to anyone taking their first probability course within a mathematics, statistics, engineering, or data science program.

New exercises and supplemental materials support more engagement with R, and include new code samples to accompany examples in a variety of chapters and sections that didn’t include them in the first edition.

The new edition also includes for the first time:

A thorough discussion of reproducibility in the context of generating random numbers
Revised sections and exercises on conditioning, and a renewed description of specifying PMFs and PDFs
Substantial organizational changes to improve the flow of the material
Additional descriptions and supplemental examples to the bivariate sections to assist students with a limited understanding of calculus
Perfect for upper-level undergraduate students in a first course on probability theory, Probability: With Applications and R is also ideal for researchers seeking to learn probability from the ground up or those self-studying probability for the purpose of taking advanced coursework or preparing for actuarial exams.