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Becoming fluent in German: 150 Short Stories (2020)

Becoming fluent in German: 150 Short Stories

English | April 1, 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B086PQ51M8 | 159 Pages | EPUB | 0.34 MB

Learning German may seem like a difficult task. Especially when it comes to the nature of the German language. The good news is that’s just a false presumption. Every language can be learned if you know the right technique and the right information.

It is proven that the easiest way to learn a language is to hear it in action. Hearing a natural german conversation is the best thing you can do, it’s like listening to a story. Natural is the keyword in that sentence. A natural approach to learning the language is the fastest and simplest approach to do it.

Why do you think you hear people learning a language extremely fast when they move to another country? Because they hear it naturally, every day.

Learn German with stories .
Maybe the easiest language learning system ever created. How does that sound to you?

People listen to other people’s stories.
The human mind is programmed to like stories because that’s what our life is. A story. And because of this very reason, I’ve crafted stories that will easily cut you months of struggling to learn German. There will no longer be a “struggle”.

Moving to Germany just to learn German is not a solution .
That’s why my book “brings” Germany to you. It brings stories to you. Learning German with my stories will grab your mind into believing that you will actually “live” into German conversations. When you’re reading a story, you feel like you’re there. The same concept applies to learning German with stories.
About my learning German with stories book :It contains 150 short stories about everyday situationsEvery story is followed by questions and key vocabularyThe more you read, the easier your brain will automatically get used to the German language ( isn’t that easily beautiful? )It includes more than 900 digital flashcards for those not able to understand the book completely from the beginningIt uses psychologically inserted KEY PATTERNS to make your brain automatically easily learn sentences and words (this is key)The book uses a read-word-repeat writing system along the stories for natural, fluid learning ( heavy repetition = higher retention rate )

The Benefits of using my book:Easily learn German with storiesFeel at ease when reading & learning with the flow of the storiesNo struggle forcing to learn words/phrasesLearn at your own paceFeel confident in your German language skills after a few weeks ONLYOnce you learn, you NEVER forget
Learn German with my stories ( the easy way )